M.E.A.D Applications
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1.Medical Institutions: In terms of clinical diagnostics and treatment the M.E.A.D. is an invaluable tool as it allows for a complete analysis of the patients entire physical structure and function. Currently there are several large medical institutions, research facilities and clinics that have adopted the M.E.A.D. as a tool to provide important physiological analysis. All of these institutions have reported that the analytical functions of the technology greatly improve the treatment methods created for each patient.
2.Bio-chemistry and Technology: The current boom in bio-chemical sciences and development is obvious to anyone who follows technological trends. There has never been a more fruitful time to observe the seamless combination of nano science, infrared, wave motion energetics, bio-electricity, etc on the human body. The M.E.A.D. is an incredibly sophisticated technological examination instrument which brings together varying scientific principles into one system, thereby providing a simple yet potent clinical tool.
3.Health Industry: Our current health industries are much more inclusive. Hospitals, large scale medical institutions, private clinics, hairdressing and cosmetic salons, etc all can benefit from the integrated analysis provided by the M.E.A.D. No matter at what level you are active as a health care practitioner the M.E.A.D. provides a state of the art triple clock based analysis of the bodies energetic meridians and physiological systems. This analysis allows for a quick inspection of the body and provides clear explanations of the diagnosis so that dialogue with your patients is clear and concise.
4.Academic Research: M.E.A.D. is a leader in the application and guidance of energetic diagnostic technology which then provides dependable results in any clinical setting. Currently M.E.A.D provides the support needed to continue our academic and research oriented teams which will ensure that our technology stays on the cutting edge.
5.Other Industries: The 21 century is a time centered on prevention of illness. We have found that other industries especially the insurance industry have started using the M.E.A.D technology as a means to estimate insurance policies and their related premiums. M.E.A.D. has the ability to effectively analyze the human body, make a proper diagnosis and assume any related health care concerns that may arise in the future based on that diagnosis which allows for better customer care and more efficient service. In addition the simple operational procedures of the M.E.A.D. combined with the clinical experience of the practitioner provide families with the day to day information needed to prevent illness and keep our families healthy.
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M.E.A.D. Products Series Origins Feature Application
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