These product information are not available for Taiwan region. Principle With the updated Ryodoraku concept as the basis, representative acupoints of the twelve primary meridians were measured to determine changes in the respective meridians and their associated effects with one another, as well as on the body as a whole. Highlights Provides quick and precise meridian analysis. Graphically presented in clear and concise manner. Ease of use hasten learning curve. Compatible with the latest Windows operating systems. Application With comprehensive reports on patient’s meridian analysis, the M.E.A.D. empowers you in clinical applications. Research and Development Combining Chinese, Japanese and German medical technology with sixteen years of continual research and clinical evaluations, our current sixth generation M.E.A.D. incorporates the latest in Windows graphics, seamless functional integration and improved user friendliness, enabling you to chart new course of applications. Product Differentiation From practitioner models to professional research series, we have the most comprehensive and useful features to fill your needs. Our products have the flexibility to meet your current requirements and growth demands whether you be in the health and wellness, medical, aesthetic and healthcare industry. Worldwide Market Our products are sold to Asia, North America and most of Europe. M.E.A.D. is available in Traditional and Simplified Chinese as well as English. Japanese version along with certain European language versions will be available in the near future. We will always strive to maintain our technological lead with our strength in research and development. Unbeatable Support In addition to operating manual, DVD training material is also available. We provide unlimited telephone and email support. Should you have any comments or suggestions, we welcome them for product improvement considerations. Practicability 1 Provides informative analytic information on physical energetics, mental and emotional states, autonomic nervous system, endocrine function, metabolic function, interpenetration of yin-yang, and harmony of qi and blood. 2 Suggested treatment protocols which include acupuncture points, herbal prescriptions, dietary contraindications and suggestions as well as explanations on why specific points, herbs, or food items are indicated. 3 Provides an ongoing patient database to thereby easily manage patient history, diagnosis and any other relevant information. 4 Offers descriptive and clear diagnosis and provides a list of probable future pathology based on diagnostic assessment. 5 Contains an advanced acupuncture-point locating system, which shows definitive positions on the human body to thereby ensure the best clinical application in diagnosis and treatment. 6 Has had 8 years of sales experience around the world. 7 Is supported by the versions of Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English. 8 Is easy to learn and use. 9 Operates under PC Windows's. 10 Allows you to obtain diagnostic analysis of the entire body within 3 minutes. 11 Can be used along with an online website for updates, help, news, and other information. 12 Is guaranteed to provide precise information on health conditions.
M.E.A.D. Products Series Origins Feature Application
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M.E.A.D. Products Series Origins Feature Application
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