Meridians Chart
According to traditional Chinese medicine, the meridians are the channels that run blood and connect with the organs of the body and the body, and they are the control systems of the human body. Meridianology is also the foundation of human acupuncture and massage and is an important part of Chinese medicine. One of the core principles of medical basic theory originated from ancient times, and service has played an important role in protecting the health of the Chinese nation for more than two thousand years.
"Twelve menstrual veins, which belong to the government house and are external to the limbs." This outlines the distribution characteristics of the twelve meridians: internal, belonging to organs: external, distributed in the body. And because the meridians are “walking blood”, there is a certain direction in their circulation; that is, “the reverse of the pulse” is later called “streaming”; and the meridians also communicate with each other through branches. The "internal and internal should have both inside and outside."
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Meridians Chart
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